Sunday, October 30, 2016

Assignment #4 Six Minute English

I really like the website which provide a lot of conversation and good pronunciation. In addition, a variety of topic that interests me so much. This website is suitable for someone who want to improve listening skill and get the latest news around the globe.

Global warming

EPISODE 160915 / 15 SEP 2016

I choose the most related topic from the website which calls : Global warming. Before the subject starts, one of the host refer to a question. How much has the average temperature of the Earth's surface increased in the last hundred years? The answer will be reveal after the talks. The two speakers are discussing how to adapt to the extreme weather and mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions. We all know that our earth is now situating in a emergency. If we still ignore the crisis, the mother nature will bring some devastating disaster. Although some rich countries have promised that they will offer a hundred billion dollars a year started from 2020, it is not enough to prevent the global warming. Because it would probably more serious than banking crisis. Hence, we have to do something to protect our home from the harmful condition. Even though a small behavior such as recycle the bottle, it helps! In the end, the question that asked before the topic. The answer is 0.85 degree Celsius.

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  1. Nice comments and summary.
    1. This website provide a variety of topics what interest me (singular/plural)
    2.At the beginning, the host asked the listeners a question: How much was...