Saturday, October 22, 2016

Assignment #3 ESLPod.Com

This week, our teacher introduce a new tool to learn English which calls : Podcast. This website is compose of daily dialogue and you can choose a variety of topic that really interests you. I think the speed is suitable for someone whose listening skill is poor. However, I feel asleep when the speaker's smooth tone. If the sound is lively, it would attract more people.

ESL Podcast 1247 – Doing Meal Planning

In the dialogue, the two speaker discuss how to make a list for meal planning and control the budget in every meal. I choose this topic because it is very common in our life. When we go to supermarket or traditional market, the list can help us buy something that we truly need. Along with the food shortage in the globe, this is a good idea not to waste the resource.

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  1. Flat intonation and speak too slowly might be a problem. But we can see their effort to meet the learners' needs.